What is TaiChi?

imageTaiChi is an Ancient Chinese method of movement which promotes a healthy body and a clear mind.

TaiChi is gentle & flowing, synchronising movements and breathing to harmonise the energy in the body. You learn to breathe deeply and correctly & move calmly and confidently.

The movements, when practised, even if only for a few minutes everyday, bring an increased focus, improved memory, ability to deal with stressful situations and a more peaceful mind, amongst many other health and well-being benefits. (It is ideal for those people who feel that vigorous exercise is not for them, the elderly and those with restricted physical capabilities.)

Sound Moves

TaiChi practice has been described by the Harvard School of Medicine as ‘Medication In Motion’. The most common ailments suffered today are back pain & depression. TaiChi is a tried and tested method to combat these problems.

Anyone who wants to bring more harmony into their everyday life can use TaiChi to achieve it.



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