Rebecca Raymond

Sound Healer and Reiki Master Teacher, Rebecca has her home in Murcia, from where she offers private treatments and runs Learn Reiki In Spain, Residential and Non-residential Training.

Her background is in music, she worked as a professional musician for 20 years before transforming her life and choosing to share her gifts through the healing arts.

She runs workshops in sound healing, shamanic journeying, travels to teach and facilitates desert camping in the Sahara for women. RJ records multidimensional music, sound healing meditations & namesongs .

RJ is presently continuing her studies in Reiki to become a Master Practitioner in Hirai Shiki Ryoho Reiki.


Learn Reiki In Morocco Facebook Page


“We are all walking on the road of life together and we all have our own journey, our own pace, maps, equipment, supplies, stories etc. While we walk, why not pause for a moment in the journey. We can sit and talk about practical ways to keep our body, mind and souls in balance, we can celebrate how long it took to get to this point & we can encourage each other to continue.

Inner Harmony = Outer Harmony. It is only by being in harmony with ourselves that we can be in harmony at home, work, in a relationship, family or social group.

 Mother Nature is our greatest guide and expert in the field…

Be in harmony with yourself & profoundly change the world around you.” 


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