Article. Light Language Sound Healing


One of the simplest ways to experience vibration is through sound. To feel whether a song makes us happy or sad. To jump in surprise at the sound of thunder. To smile when we hear a baby laughing, or cringe when someone scrapes their nails down a blackboard…

Sound reaches deep into our bodies, minds, and souls and has the potential to initiate healing and transformation.

“One of the first and basic principles of sound healing is that everything is in a state of vibration, including our organs, bones, tissues, etc. If these parts of the body become imbalanced they may be healed through projecting the proper and correct frequencies back into the body…”

“Be open to all possibilities. You can never know what may transpire until you have tried.” ~Jonathan Goldman~


We are all unique and we all vibrate according to a personal pattern.

Everything is vibration! Quantum physics and sciences like Cymatics are proving that even our thoughts send out vibrations.

Our deepest dreams have a vibration.

Even our souls have a vibration, a frequency.

Sound Wave


What is the Sacred Language of Light? 

Light Language is a ‘vibratory language’. It does not use words or sound like any language you may understand. It comes from a higher dimension and specifically bypasses your ‘intelligent mind’ to reach directly into your heart & personal vibratory blueprint, dissolving the veils of illusion and filling you with light. The high frequency tones and sounds bring your highest potential, your soul’s vibration, into your body, clearing out denser energies which contribute towards feelings of being ‘ill’, ‘stuck’, ‘low’ or ‘out of tune’.

The Language of Light can re-code our very nature to restore our divine blueprint.

Its key-code geometries and vibrational frequencies in sound, light and color attune us to Source, unlocking hidden and latent pre-programmed blueprints for higher light functions, awareness, consciousness and ancient memories of our divine nature and heritage. These key-codes open doors or locks, enabling us access to akashic records and the ancient lineage held in our DNA.

It can be life changing to gain insight to previous incarnations, our soul gifts and divine purpose, as well as attributes, qualities and memories of our totality. As these sound light key-codes activate within us, we are re-calibrated to once again hold the higher consciousness energy patterns of Divine Love and Oneness. Latent soul blueprints and enhanced capabilities are unlocked as we are attuned to our Soul essence and Divine Source within and without.



Sound reaches deep into our bodies, minds, and souls and has the potential to initiate healing and transformation. The vibration and sound of your voice can unblock and dissolve stress, tension, emotions & conflicts.

In a Harmony Workshop you learn how to use your own voice to become a healing tool.

Celestial Singing Workshops are the next step into your higher consciousness. Learning how to call in, connect and channel Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Teachers and Guides through the power of singing.

If you feel drawn to these energies and would like a Celestial Sound Healing, or a Light Language Sacred Sound Healing, please see the Services page on this website, or email:


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