About TaiChi & QiGong


 RJ Raymond incorporates aspects of TaiChi & qigong as harmonious movement and energy cultivation skills, into her Harmony Workshops. She has seen great personal improvements in her own health and wants to share with as many people as she can. 

“Find your nearest reputable teacher as soon as you can!” RJ xx

TaiChi & QiGong are Ancient Chinese methods of movement which promote a healthy body and a clear mind.

TaiChi & it’s close relation QiGong, is gentle & flowing, synchronising movements and breathing to harmonise the energy in the body. You learn to breathe deeply and correctly & move calmly and confidently.

The movements, when practised, even if only for a few minutes everyday, bring an increased focus, improved memory, ability to deal with stressful situations and a more peaceful mind, amongst many other health and well-being benefits. (It is ideal for those people who feel that vigorous exercise is not for them, the elderly and those with restricted physical capabilities.)

Structural integrity of the body is one of the essentials for good health.

Caduceus Symbol. Represents the spine.

The Chinese saying; “When the Golden Pillar falls, all of Heaven falls”, refers to the spine.


Spinal health and the ability to move your joints freely is paramount in allowing the body’s internal systems to function efficiently. If your spine, (your Golden Pillar), falls away from it’s natural, open, strong, supporting posture, this can become the root cause of many challenging physical issues. Your health, (your Heaven), falls into a state of dis-ease.

TaiChi practice has been described by the Harvard School of Medicine as ‘Medication In Motion’.

The most common ailments suffered today are back pain & depression. TaiChi is a tried and tested method to combat these problems. It’s NOT normal to have back pain! It’s NOT acceptable to have to live with depression!

Anyone who wants to bring more harmony into their everyday life can use TaiChi to achieve it.

Sound Moves

Begin to practise TaiChi. It is a very sound move.

Contact RJ Raymond for more information about DaoYin TaiJiQuan, Harmony Workshops or check out the Services page on this website.

If you would like a one-to-one healing session, please contact RJ by email or via the Contact page.



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