Blog: The Desert Rocks

Wow! Getting ready for my first ever trip to Africa and the amazing Sahara Desert.

Sahara Dunes.

Sahara Dunes at Dar Sidi Bounou, Morocco.

Last year I met a fantastic woman called Karima who lives in Morocco and runs a company called LetsGo2Morocco

We made friends by talking for hours, sharing our stories and continuing to meet up. Over time it became clear we could work together and so we began planning a joint project; she had discovered an excellent venue called Dar Sidi Bounou right on the edge of the Sahara desert that she felt would be perfect to host a retreat and she asked me if I would be interested.

The idea of singing and playing the sound healing instruments I love in such a spectacular location thrilled me and we began to put together a trip, which would mean a group of people could travel down through Morocco, with her as an expert guide, to take some valuable time ‘out’ of their daily lives and do some self healing and percpective changing, simply by seeing a new horizon, listening to some consciousness expanding sounds and moving in a new environment.

We both wanted to share our skills in a happy supportive group environment and so the Sahara Desert Healing Retreat idea was born.

I feel that for some people, the idea of travelling to a Muslim country might be something they are shy of, especially in these troubled times. Karima works as a travel companion for single Muslim women, who often find it a challenge to go on trips and in her experience, to be accompanied is a great help. She knows Morocco as a rich and colourful country that  encourages tourism and makes a huge effort to assure the safety of travellers there.

So, this September, we will be doing our first trip/retreat and we have another one planned for Spring next year. Maybe you can come! I hope so. It will certainly make for some interesting blogs.

There will definitely be some recording happening and i can’t wait to publish the music we make in the Sahara. The Desert Rocks!

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29 September – 9 October 2016


Sahara Dunes at Dar Sidi Bounou, Morocco.

Sahara Dunes at Dar Sidi Bounou, Morocco.







11 Days Trip from Marrakech to the mighty Draa Valley with its kasbahs, to the soft Saharan dunes and its gentle local hospitality.

Immerse yourself in the landscapes and culture.

Open yourself up to the desert healing and reconnections.

You will have guided walks to local Kasbahs, a desert walk to an ancient site, walks in oases and time to relax by a pool.

The best of freshly prepared dishes and great music and conversation. The opportunity to fill your sketchbooks with source material and take many wonderful photos.

Beneficial healing sessions and a new sense of self to move forward on your chosen path.

Open your mind, eyes and ears. Move your body. Reconnect with your soul and inner voice.


By opening your mind to new possibilities, your eyes to wider horizons, your ears to unfamiliar sounds and also to the silence, by moving your body in different landscapes and by reconnecting to your soul, your essence and your inner voice, you have the possibility to open up your artistic potential to another level.

This is a retreat rather than a course or workshop. It is also a sketchbook retreat, so plenty of opportunities for observation and gathering of material for future projects.

Your guide is Karima, find out more about her amazing story and how she came to live in Morocco by clicking on the link above.

There will be Sound Healing with RJ Raymond for the group sessions, with an option for clients to receive private Reiki sessions from her during the trip.


This event is being organized in collaboration with Karima from


Healers In Harmony/Mary Magdelene Retreat. 17th July to 24th July 2016

Healers in Harmony/Mary Magdelene Retreat. France.

On the 24th of July 2016, 8 Souls will come together and from this unified point of light will come a Sound.


The heart and mind of each individual will transmit a tone, a note, a colour and through the weaving of these fundamental threads of Divine Co-creation in one shared moment out of time, they will begin a spinning on the Cosmic Loom, an orchestration of planetary and celestial sounds, building a rainbow bridge between heaven and earth.

An infinite everlasting song. The sound of infinity.

8 voices will come together and create One voice, mirroring the Harmony of the Universe, rejoicing in the presence of the Elohim & Archangels, sending a vibration of peace, harmony and healing into the unified field, into the crystalline structure of our Mother Earth and singing into the higher dimensional multi-universal realms.
This chorus is being co-created for a Group Ascension Activation and is a conscious expression of the second ray of Love-Wisdom.

It is time for all lightworkers to raise their voices in harmony.


image Multi-Dimensional musician and Celestial Sound
Healer RJ Raymond is offering this special
singing workshop experience
during one of this year’s wonderful Lift Your Spirit retreats.
You do not need to have singing experience, as you will be taking part in a Harmony Workshop and practising with each other, as part of the many other activities on offer at this relaxing gathering.

If you feel drawn to join in and be a part of The Monastery Celestial Sound Healing Choir please click here.

Please feel free to email RJ Raymond at-