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N.B. I adapted this document from an original piece by my TaiChi teacher, (with his permission of course), because the techniques are still great even if you don’t practice TaiChi. There is a link at the end to his school which is based in the UK.


Sound Moves #4

Keep Your Feet On The Ground!

Tripping up is easy. We all do it, in  many different ways. I tripped up twice yesterday, once with my words and once with my feet! If you want to stay grounded, try this simple technique. Yawn the soles of your feet into the ground, as you stand, walk and talk. Notice the immediate alteration in your posture and how your skeleton actually shifts position. It helps with clumsiness and confidence, as you feel stronger and more connected and centred. I would say it’s a sound move…

Here’s an extract from an interesting article I found online, the link is at the end if you want to know more.

Walking.  Walking slowly and deliberately is very helpful for centering and grounding.  Think about your feet as you walk and send your energy into the earth with each slow, deliberate step. If helpful, imagine you are being pulled along when you walk by a magnet hidden under the earth. Another way is to imagine you weigh 500 pounds and each of your steps crushes the earth beneath your feet.  Another idea is to imagine your foot is like a large suction cup that spreads out as it attaches deep into the ground.

An ancient walking method is at times called tai chi walking or chi-kung walking.  Imagine that a wire or string is connected to the crown of your head, holding up your head.  Imagine the rest of your body hanging loosely from this wire.  This will help you stand in a relaxed manner. Bend both knees a little and stay low throughout your walk.

Place all your weight on one foot.  Lift the other one slowly and step forward gently and firmly.  Do not straighten the knee completely.  If you do, your head will bob up, which completely disconnects you from the earth.  This is the opposite of what you are wanting to do.  Keep your weight on the back foot when you step forward.  It will feel uncomfortable at first, because most people fall into their steps.  So practice this part a number of times slowly until you can step forward without moving your weight forward.

Next, slowly shift your weight forward and down onto the front foot.  When all your weight is on the front foot, you may then repeat the process, lifting the rear leg and taking your next step.  You must start very slowly until this style of walking becomes a habit.  Some do this instinctively or unconsciously.

Most people, especially those who are not grounded, will have difficulty at first and it will take time to master.  It is well worth the effort, however.  This is the way all animals move in the wild.  Observe your cat and you will notice this exact sequence of movement if you look closely enough.  It is a survival mechanism for animals, as it allows them to test the ground before they place their weight there.  It also helps their strength and balance.

Grounding is often about “testing the ground” before you move forward in order to stay strong and balanced.  So this technique is a metaphor for grounding as well as a useful way to move through the world. Be sure you do not bob your head up and down when you step, as most people do.  This is the “Gomer Pyle walk”, the opposite of grounding.



The other day I was reading an article about emotions and the author described emotions very simply as energies that move. Energy + motion = emotion. E Motion.

It made perfect sense to me. We double over with laughter, we jump for joy, we cower in fear, we frown when worried, we crawl under the bedclothes if we feel depressed, we fight in anger. These are the external movements that emotions illicit in us.


So the next time you are feeling emotional, understand that it’s simply a case of energy moving you, moving in you and you don’t have to feel taken over by the experience. All that begins, will end and emotions are no different. Watch the movement, as if from afar. Observe with interest where the movement takes you and wait for it to pass without engaging too much. This is the beginning of being able to control your emotions, understand them and accept them, and yourself as part of the big movement, the big dance.

This isn’t always easy! I hurt my back last week and got very upset. Pain upon pain and eventually a flood of tears. At first i felt ashamed at being ‘weak’ and a big baby, but then I just let them come. When the energy motion was over, and it happened naturally, there was a feeling of relief. No one was there to make me feel better, but the rush of crying my eyes out brought a kind of comfort. After that, there was nothing to do but pick myself up and get on with things.

As the wind takes a feather, let your mind take your emotions and be enchanted by them, be in awe, be thankful, for they are wondrous and guide us to make our decisions.


Tuning into your Soul

I’m a sensitive, spiritual person. Why do I have such ‘down’ days?image

To be truly healthy, we have to be whole and above all satisfied with all that we are. You are a Divine Being! There is no need, no fear and no separation from the Source that gave birth to all of us, including the beautiful planet we live on.

Very sensitive people may have been experiencing great joy alongside apparently unexplained symptoms of physical discomfort as they wake up to the gift of living in a 5th dimensional way. This can be a challenging feeling. It is understandable that with our ‘antennae’ turned on, we become able to pick up on all kinds of energy, the positive AND the negative. In this world today, picking up on the negative; things like pollution, chemicals, hate and destruction, is very easy, those things are all around us and for sensitives it hits hard.

Sensitives are born receivers and are here to help transmute the darkness into light, so by default, the ‘density’ enters into them in a deeply physical way. This can cause illness unless it is addressed.
Some sensitive people are being diagnosed as bi-polar, or manic depressive as they see-saw from one extreme to the other, suffering and seemingly unable to stabilise.

Is there a solution?

To find the solution to anything, we must first find the problem. To recognise the beauty in something, we must be able to recognise the ugliness. Each extreme problem or ugly experience we go through is a an opportunity to reflect on the opposite extreme and therefore find the middle position, the still point, the centre.

This is the way of balance. After all, how do we really know we feel terrible unless we have something to compare it with?

“Yesterday I felt great! And today I feel awful…”

Finding your centre.

The key to finding your centre and maintaining your balance is to understand that there is also an opposite to your extreme ability to receive. The more sensitive you are and the more you can feel and experience ‘darkness’ on the negative side….i.e:

Everything I perceive, receive, feel, is contaminated, out of control, out to get me, painful, worried, sad…”

…the more you are actually able to do and be the exact opposite!….i.e:

“Everything I perceive, receive, feel, is clean, under control, peaceful,  healthy                                               and free from harm, relaxed, happy and joyful…”

The opposite extreme of receiving is transmitting. The middle way of balance is ultimately to recognise when it is time to receive and when it is time to transmit (or give.)

How do we turn pain and fear on it’s head?

By looking deep in our hearts. By understanding and recognising that although we may sometimes see the outside world as dark and dangerous; our inner self, our higher self, our own soul is not. Our own soul is light and beautiful. Once we accept this fact, we can begin to TRANSMIT!

By turning our soul’s signal outwards, instead of receiving all the density around us, we create not only a huge shield of protection for ourselves, but we also turn our gift of sensitivity into a gift for the world around us. We step into service.

How does this effect our health?

Our body is like a radio. Our soul is like the signal. If we are not in tune with our soul, we receive a distorted frequency, like white noise. Over time, our radio becomes damaged, it folds in on itself, gets tense and tries to turn away from this horrible noise. We experience this as a fearful feeling, as pains or as an inability to face the world.

imageHow can I tune in to my soul?

Light Language will help to retune your body to your soul’s frequency; the frequency of Divine Love and unconditional acceptance of who you are.

Your soul is eternal, light, love, cannot be harmed and always has your best interests at heart. It’s purpose is to guide you towards the highest expression of yourself.

If you have never heard it, you can listen to the sacred sound of Light Language on my You Tube Channel. Just click here and the link will appear…Subscribe to get more free recordings as they are uploaded.

Light Language Harmony Activations are a powerful sound healing containing sets of vibrational codes and messages that are able to reset your frequency. This is the language of creation and the language of light empowers us to create our reality and be our true, whole, light selves.

Aligning to your soul, automatically has a direct effect on your physical body!

As you begin to release fears, tensions and old unnecessary programs, like a defrag on a computer, or a reboot, you will feel changes as these deep seated programs surface in order to be let go.

It is important to work with your body and fill the space that clearing creates with a new higher vibration. Language of Light Harmony Activations are offered to you for this very purpose.

Find and use your tools of meditation, accept your work.

Begin to sense your inner beauty, begin to sense your peace and begin to transmit your peace and harmony into your outer world. It may begin as a simple smile at someone who previously triggered anxiety in you, or even as you notice that a challenging task seems easier.

Set a clear intention. Visualise all your fears being transformed, into opportunities to SEND a signal of love, rather than receive a signal of fear and then take that opportunity!

It is a law of physics that the ‘lower’ or denser vibration (which we feel as fear, worry, anger or illnesses), is in obeisance to the ‘higher’ or lighter vibration (which we experience as joy, love, healing and health).

This means that the light will ALWAYS outshine the dark.

The smallest candle can light up the biggest darkest cave.

You are lighting the way, not only for yourself, but for others too. Your self healing journey is a tool that you can use to help others if you so choose! Bless you.

P.S. Don’t forget to laugh!!! This is one of the best medicine’s available! Don’t forget to BREATHE! When you find yourself holding your breath, breathe out!


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