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N.B. I adapted this document from an original piece by my TaiChi teacher, (with his permission of course), because the techniques are still great even if you don’t practice TaiChi. There is a link at the end to his school which is based in the UK.


Sound Moves #4

Keep Your Feet On The Ground!

Tripping up is easy. We all do it, in  many different ways. I tripped up twice yesterday, once with my words and once with my feet! If you want to stay grounded, try this simple technique. Yawn the soles of your feet into the ground, as you stand, walk and talk. Notice the immediate alteration in your posture and how your skeleton actually shifts position. It helps with clumsiness and confidence, as you feel stronger and more connected and centred. I would say it’s a sound move…

Here’s an extract from an interesting article I found online, the link is at the end if you want to know more.

Walking.  Walking slowly and deliberately is very helpful for centering and grounding.  Think about your feet as you walk and send your energy into the earth with each slow, deliberate step. If helpful, imagine you are being pulled along when you walk by a magnet hidden under the earth. Another way is to imagine you weigh 500 pounds and each of your steps crushes the earth beneath your feet.  Another idea is to imagine your foot is like a large suction cup that spreads out as it attaches deep into the ground.

An ancient walking method is at times called tai chi walking or chi-kung walking.  Imagine that a wire or string is connected to the crown of your head, holding up your head.  Imagine the rest of your body hanging loosely from this wire.  This will help you stand in a relaxed manner. Bend both knees a little and stay low throughout your walk.

Place all your weight on one foot.  Lift the other one slowly and step forward gently and firmly.  Do not straighten the knee completely.  If you do, your head will bob up, which completely disconnects you from the earth.  This is the opposite of what you are wanting to do.  Keep your weight on the back foot when you step forward.  It will feel uncomfortable at first, because most people fall into their steps.  So practice this part a number of times slowly until you can step forward without moving your weight forward.

Next, slowly shift your weight forward and down onto the front foot.  When all your weight is on the front foot, you may then repeat the process, lifting the rear leg and taking your next step.  You must start very slowly until this style of walking becomes a habit.  Some do this instinctively or unconsciously.

Most people, especially those who are not grounded, will have difficulty at first and it will take time to master.  It is well worth the effort, however.  This is the way all animals move in the wild.  Observe your cat and you will notice this exact sequence of movement if you look closely enough.  It is a survival mechanism for animals, as it allows them to test the ground before they place their weight there.  It also helps their strength and balance.

Grounding is often about “testing the ground” before you move forward in order to stay strong and balanced.  So this technique is a metaphor for grounding as well as a useful way to move through the world. Be sure you do not bob your head up and down when you step, as most people do.  This is the “Gomer Pyle walk”, the opposite of grounding.



The other day I was reading an article about emotions and the author described emotions very simply as energies that move. Energy + motion = emotion. E Motion.

It made perfect sense to me. We double over with laughter, we jump for joy, we cower in fear, we frown when worried, we crawl under the bedclothes if we feel depressed, we fight in anger. These are the external movements that emotions illicit in us.


So the next time you are feeling emotional, understand that it’s simply a case of energy moving you, moving in you and you don’t have to feel taken over by the experience. All that begins, will end and emotions are no different. Watch the movement, as if from afar. Observe with interest where the movement takes you and wait for it to pass without engaging too much. This is the beginning of being able to control your emotions, understand them and accept them, and yourself as part of the big movement, the big dance.

This isn’t always easy! I hurt my back last week and got very upset. Pain upon pain and eventually a flood of tears. At first i felt ashamed at being ‘weak’ and a big baby, but then I just let them come. When the energy motion was over, and it happened naturally, there was a feeling of relief. No one was there to make me feel better, but the rush of crying my eyes out brought a kind of comfort. After that, there was nothing to do but pick myself up and get on with things.

As the wind takes a feather, let your mind take your emotions and be enchanted by them, be in awe, be thankful, for they are wondrous and guide us to make our decisions.


Spiritual Gold.

Spiritual Gold.

The creation of true harmony, personal, planetary and Divine, requires as a foundational prerequisite the death of the inferior ego. The realisation that our human role and capacity to love, will, create and be expressions of the Divine, and the spiritual initiations that some of you took lifetimes ago and some of you are presently taking are also being poured into the mass consciousness of humanity. Many hundreds of thousands if not millions of people are awakening, right now. Your healing journey is the healing journey of the world.  If you are a healer, you have already accepted your mission to push on, propel and pioneer this evolutionary movement.
In certain ways it is reminiscent of the California Gold Rush, a seven year period which began in 1848. Back then, the news of ‘GOLD!’ brought tens of thousands of seekers to California. Sadly, that particular hunt for treasure resulted in many tragedies such as the genocide of the Native Americans who lived in the Great Basin and the development of industrial mining companies which lead to great wealth, but only for a few.image
In your search for treasure, spiritual treasure, you may well have been an early ‘prospecter’ and if so you are already in the ‘claims office’ with your bag of gold on the scales being weighed and valued, whilst the majority are only now reading the headlines of the riches awaiting them at the end of an arduous journey. You have been on that voyage and you were alone, not part of a huge wagon train.

You searched in the rivers for nuggets of the precious prize, you dug your own mines, you sweated, starved and suffered, never giving up and digging deeper and deeper, with an inner knowing that one day the brilliant treasure would reveal itself to you.


And now, you have collected much of this spiritual gold, many nuggets of wisdom. It may even have become a heavy load.

You are ready to to exchange this weight and take on your fortune. Become lighter. Be enlightened.
“It’s a done deal,” says the man on the other side of the table.
Now what do you do?
You don’t have to do anything. You are rich! You may choose.
You may choose to quietly observe the rest of the world catching up with you, (or you may not recognise your fortune and continue to dig for more mines) or you may choose to aid and guide those who land in the dusty, overcrowded, ever growing town full of hope, faith and enthusiasm. You can choose. You are free.

Understanding therefore that the story of the Gold Rush is a metaphor for the current and ever widening search for enlightenment, let us learn the lessons of the age we are working to transition out of. This spiritual gold is not, “my treasure”, “my gold”. The spiritual riches being uncovered by so many today are not possessions to be jealously guarded, hoarded, mystified, bargained with or profited from. Choices like these only lead to destruction, as we can clearly see from the consequences of the Californian Gold Rush.

In the new paradigm, the shift is towards sharing, harmony, equality and community.image
“My treasure is your treasure, my heart is your heart, I am another you, you are another me, we are, All is, One, and the same.” So, allow the tiny inferior ego to be annihilated and share all you know.

Healers, share all you know and all you have with each other.


Let’s be clear – This does not mean sharing ‘modalities’ or swapping ‘systems’ with each other. These are your tools, the tools that you used to dig for your knowledge. But what is it that you actually know? What is your treasure?…the gold, the precious, the object of all alchemist’s searches and experiments…

The quest of the alchemist to turn base lead into gold is well known and often used as (another:-)) useful metaphor for the spiritual process of transforming dense energy into the bright shining everlasting non-corruptable energy of Divine love and light. 

THIS IS WHAT YOU/WE KNOW!  This is what we can share and the sharing of it, without possessiveness and without ego, is an act of Will, exercised with Love and Wisdom, which brings about the co-creation and manifestation of true harmony between peoples, souls, nations, dimensions and universes.

So, you could choose to build a casino, a brothel, or a shoddy expensive hotel with your hard earned fortune. (We’re back in California again by the way :-)). You could choose to try and profit by having something that someone else does not.
Or, you could take your spiritual gold and use it to become a benevolent and charitable founder of a new kind of settlement. A new kind of world. A new paradigm. Don’t think too hard…

RJ Raymond.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article.
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