Reiki Training In Morocco

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The coolest place to learn Reiki in Morocco!

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March 2017 (click for link to the details of this exciting trip.)

RJ at Erg Chegaga, Sahara

New horizons…



Photo credit: Sahara Merzouga



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September 3-4th 2016. Murcia, Spain. 


Reiki in spain id1st  Degree Reiki & An Introduction to Energy Healing.


1st Degree Reiki.

This level of Reiki training introduces you to the Usui Reiki Natural Healing System and opens you to begin channelling Reiki. You are expected to be able to sense and feel the Reiki after attunement and initiation by a Reiki Master.

Usui Reiki enables and supports a path of self-healing and personal transformation through practice and self-discipline.

In taking this initial level of Reiki training, you are awakened to the knowledge of your own energy and the universal life force and how they both have a direct impact on the world you live in. The objective of this course is to share with you some of the tools that are available to help you become a better functioning person in that world.

After  completing  1st Degree Reiki, you are able to use Reiki on yourself, on your family, your pets and plants, even your food will benefit from your practice.

imageIntroduction to Energy Healing.

Simple meditation techniques, breathing techniques and movement patterns will be shared, to bring you to a personal understanding, through experience, of body, mind and spirit functioning in alignment. This added module draws from a range of metaphysical and spiritual methods which, when applied, will amplify your ability and widen your range of personal practice.

No experience is required to attend this weekend course.

Recommended for those who feel they would like to begin a process of investigation and experimentation in alternative ways of maintaining physical, mental and spiritual health.

By the end of the two days, you will not only have achieved Level 1 Reiki, you will also have a new way of looking at yourself and your environment. You will know how to deal with tensions and anxieties in a more centred, peaceful way and you will have taken the first step on the path to healing and enlightenment.

5 places available. Residential or non-residential.

Contact Learn Reiki In Spain for enquiries and booking.

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September 29th-October 8th Sahara Desert Trip.

This event is being organized in collaboration with


13 May 2016

Shamanic Journey & Meditative Painting Workshop. Tarifa EcoCentre. Spain.


This joint workshop was great fun! Thanks to Ivy for being such a joyful co-facilitator.

This joint workshop was great fun! Thanks to Ivy for being such a joyful co-facilitator.