KATE in Yorkshire, UK: after receiving a transmission as part of a group:

‘I hadn’t been aware of this at all before Saturday and it really shifted something within me. Will you be doing recordings for specific chakras or for things like the pineal gland, DNA, awakening perhaps? It is wonderful as are you xxx’


Hi Kate, well darling all of the above are covered in the transmissions. They are specifically to harmonise your Soul/Light body with your physical body, to activate the 12 strand DNA and stimulate the master glands and internal energy pathways (otherwise known as chakras or meridians) as part of this process. The activations are a direct download of Source Codes [please see the blog ‘What are Source Codes? in the blog categories menu on the home page if you’re not sure what this means] to allow each of us to walk in our Soul’s purpose and unite with each other to bring a new consciousness into manifestation in the planet. They enable our true voice to come out, so we can stand in our power and be who we truly are; beings of Divine Love. If you feel like you are drawn to receiving more or you simply feel like a personal session just let me know xx it will be my pleasure xx


Wowsers!! I am speechless! It is time to stand in my power and I knew this year…was going to be big!. I would love to hear more as it really did hit the spot for me. A totally new experience for me…All very exciting! Xx

RAFAH in London, UK: after receiving a personal activation Harmony Transmission via Skype:

‘My healing with RJ was offered to me at a most timely moment, right at the time of energies shifting, astrological reconfiguration and the energy of the lunar eclipse. I awoke a few days after my soul healing with RJ with such intense clarity and peace. So much so that my personal life was directly affected and I simply knew to the core level of what I must do. It was almost like a no-brainer. RJ is a beautiful soul and her work will affect you in more ways than one. Having her as part of our journey is not only a gift to ourselves but one that expresses her gifts to the world. As a conduit of awakening at these times we will all greatly benefit from soul clearing in order to be part of the change that is going on.  We must change at the deepest level and I am grateful to have RJ as a soul sister at this time to aid in my highest awakening and change on a cellular & soul level. Thank you, Rafah Sabbagh. Transformational Lifestyle Therapist & Coach, Specialist Cook, Wellness Consultant.

WHITNEY in Missouri, USA: after receiving a Light Language activation via Skype:

RJ delivers powerful messages straight from the heart! I am a Vibrational Healer and can feel the texture and qualities of energy vibration. I had the opportunity to experience Rebecca’s gift of relaying messages from our higher selves to us through Light Language. As she spoke from her heart I could feel the energy shifting and moving me. I feel invigorated with Life Force. I am very grateful and recommend a session with her! All my best Whitney Fisher.




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